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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


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Meet Anna Dello Russo, editor-at-large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan. ADR was born in 1962 in Bari, southern Italy and currently resides in Milan. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Italian literature, but her love for fashion was sparked very earlier on as a child.

Anna went on to working 18 years as a fashion editor for Vogue Italia and 6 years at the male-focused L’Uomo from 2000-2006, after growing tired of working in a men’s world, she moved on to being a freelancer journalist and after that, she became the creative consultant and editor for Vogue Japan.

Despite being in fashion for 20 years, we actually got to know her through the internet and street-style bloggers. That’s when her style and love of fashion reached a more global audience outside of Italy. This is the woman that admitted to having over 4,000 pairs of shoes and listen to where she keeps her ever expending wardrobe, she has a second apartment “yes I said a second apartment” which is directly next door to her house in Milan. If you are a shopaholic Anna is a fashion Collector and invests in the best and key piece of fashion, she never wears the same outfit twice.

She has always made it known that she styles herself like she would a model and believes one should put their passion on oneself before translating it to others, true passionte fashionista maniac. In November 2010 Anna she came out with a fragrance named (Beyond) and the bottle in a form of a shoe, of course. But the most recent and exciting success from Anna has to be the fantabulous fashion party she threw right in Paris during Paris Fashion Week for the Launch of her accessories line for H&M, which will be out on the 4 October 2012, tomorrow… can’t hardly wait.

                                                       STAY INSPIRED MY FRIENDS

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