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Sunday, April 22, 2012


The weekend is almost over soI  hope yours is going great. Another quick post on what I wore to work yesterday before slipping into something sexy for date night. As I create this post, my son has a play date with three kids and the word chaos seems like an understatement right now.

Moving right along... if you know anything about me you know that I don't take my colour and print obsession very lightly. It’s very rare that you will see me without colour or prints of some sort. As you may or may not know, African attire focuses on colour, prints, and textiles - and of course, I can’t help but to be inspired every time.

However I know that's not the case with some people. Colour can be very intimidating for most; the best advice I can give is try to ease into it. The best way to achieve this is by integrating it into your accessories - bags, belts, necklaces, etc. - and also going for more modest colours or prints, whichever you prefer.

My response to people who ask how I pull off the things I wear is always the same: there are no RULES when it comes to fashion, just pet peeves.

There is something very demure and sexy about high waisted pants paired with a denim shirt. The white blazer also gives it that touch of sophistication. You can switch out the bag for a smaller purse or clutch. Let’s have a moment of silence for the colour block wedges. They tie the whole outfit together and add just that much more colour for a colour crazy me. Sunnies you can do or do without.

                                                             IM WEARING
                                                 Demin shirt+Necklace: H&M
                                                 Shoes+Bag: Boutique
                                                 Pants: F21
                                                 Cuffs+blazer: Ann Taylor
                                                 Sunnies: Urban Outfitters

                                            *stay stylish my friends*


  1. Beautiful these shoes!


  2. How awesome are those shoes!?!! Love them!

  3. What boutique are the shoes from! theyre gorgeous!!

  4. I am completely in love with this look! Perfection



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