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Thursday, November 1, 2012



 Hope all my trick-or-treaters had a spooky Halloween yesterday, I know I did. Took baby Honour trick-or-treating in the neiboughood last night even though he refused to put on his costume, which broke my heart but I quickly got over it. This was his very first trick-or-treating  adventure now that he's a "big boy".Hoping next year he’ll be more open to the idea of dressing up.

 I did receive numerous emails from you guys asking me about what to wear for Halloween and what I will be wearing. I really think Halloween costumes are a personal preference on what to go as, but think sometimes some people take it a little to literal. The key is just having fun with it and let go. I decided to buy something that I would hopefully wear again. I got this skeleton bodycon dress from Topshop and paired it up with my old gladiator sandals from F21, accessorized the look with these skeleton hands sunglasses from Hot topic, and my half gloves are from eBay. The look came together pretty spooky if I must say. Well my girls and I decided to go trick-or-treating for drinks last Saturday night and thanks to my girl S’phe for letting me take pictures at her place and for being my photographer for the night.

                                               STAY INSPIRED AND STYLISH MY FRIENDS!!!!!


  1. love this outfit. you looked fab! have gone through a few of yr posts and loving yr blog already! Am yr newest follower via GFC.



  2. very nice outfit !!
    great blog !:)

    kiss :*


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