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Monday, May 14, 2012


HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to my mom Mpho and all mothers out there. This was a very special weekend for me because my birthday and Mothers Day fell on the same weekend. My son 'baby Honour' is now almost two yrs old and  I can't believe how much he's grown and looks like his dad more and more each day. I couldn't resist giving him his very first cameo on this Mothers Day weekend. Rock MOM for life I am! Had the most fabulous birthday dinner Saturday night with some friends and my two favorite men. Thanks to all who came out to help me celebrate and to those who lasted all night club hopping with me, hahaha! It was something I like to call 'Survival of the Fitttest'. A special thanks to Uncle Rod, Redgi, and my girl auntie Sphe, love you guys always. As for me 'ngiyafa izidubulo ' and that's how I know I had a blast. Here's my birthday outfit, enjoy!

*Baby Honour and mommy*

                                   * Baby Honour helping mommy blow out her candles *

                                       * baby Honour gets the first cupcake *

                                                              * like Father like Son *

                                            *one of my favorite couple*

                                                               * I'M WEARING *
                                Dress+ collar necklace: Topshop

                                                     STAY STYLISH MY FRIENDS


  1. U look stunning !!

  2. Really nice photos! I love the outfits :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  3. You look amaizing!
    Love your dress and your style.
    I follow you , would you like to follow me back?



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